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Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers in UK - 2019

Organisations require an adequate level of expertise and knowledge for the best recruitment results. Employers with the know-how to deploy innovative recruitment software can efficiently reach, engage, treat, and retain the required talent in a manner lucrative for both the workforce and the organisations that employ them. Recruitment software is helping organisations automate, streamline, standardise, and optimise recruitment processes.

Recruitment software providers are developing their solutions in accordance with the trends influencing the HR space today. Hiring is becoming more convoluted with evolutionary shifts such as the deployment of measures for retaining millennials, developing analytics, candidate rights taking a forefront, and more. As a result, to ensure a simplified, easy, and less complex recruitment process, vendors are mobilising technology and algorithms to create recruitment solutions leveraging AI and predictive analytics, big data, blockchain, and more. For instance, recruitment solution providers are leveraging big data and data mining to offer solutions that help companies develop sourcing grids for recruitment success. This way, companies can understand which part of the talent group, whether active or passive, to approach and the means by which to do so. Recruitment is undoubtedly taking a constructive turn with software that also includes technological applications to identify and deliver specific communication strategies to attract talent as required by companies.

A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the magazine’s editorial board has selected a list of the top recruitment software solution providers that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance today’s recruitment process for the benefit of organisations. This edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies with expertise in recruitment software and technologies to update you about the best recruitment solutions you can choose from to attract, recruit, and retain the required workforce for increased overall productivity.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers in UK - 2019.”

    Top Recruitment Software Companies in UK

  • Specialises in online recruitment and Talent Bank solutions, which help organisations across the UK to attract and manage the very best talent

  • PASS provides a technology solution that centralises an organisation’s checks in one location for a faster, fully compliant and cost effective process

  • Recruitment Smart Technologies

    Recruitment Smart Technologies

    Recruitment SMART is a tech startup on a mission to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry

  • SourceBreaker


    SourceBreaker’s software finds Recruiters more of the best Candidates and matching Leads, much quicker than competitors, providing an ROI within 1-2 months, faster than any other platform available

  • Talview


    Talview is the fastest way to hire for enterprise employers across the globe

  • The Access Group

    The Access Group

    A suite built of Finance and HR applications integrated with industry specific solutions delivered within Access Workspace will transform workplace

  • TribePad


    TribePad’s Applicant Tracking System, Video Interviewing and job board solutions are used by more than 14 million candidates, in 12 languages across 120 countries

  • Vincere


    Vincere is designed specifically for recruitment companies covering Direct hire, Contract & Executive search, with built-in front, middle and back office capabilities

  • Volcanic


    Volcanic is a leading global provider of recruitment technology

  • Workable


    Workable helps get more qualified candidates by sharing job with everyone who’s right for it