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Top 5 Recruitment Software Solution Companies in UK - 2020

Over the last few years, the demand for recruitment software and tools has dramatically increased as the labour market becomes fiercer and more complicated. Companies are eager to hire highly skilled workers and drive business innovation, even as the average tenure per employee continues to dip. With software, recruiters can automate tasks, find vacancies, generate reports, group candidates, integrate job boards, integrate web sites, search for candidates using various filters, send e-mails and texts, and track progress. Furthermore, recruitment software doesn’t help in completing the formalities around hiring a candidate. It also automates the entire recruitment pipeline right from candidate sourcing and engagement to the final step of onboarding. Like any other software, recruiting software is intended to reduce time, eliminate paperwork, and prevent loss of information. It also helps recruiters make better matches between jobs and candidates by allowing recruiters to accumulate information and apply filters to searches. The software also helps to comply with anti-discrimination laws by keeping recruiters from by-passing applications. As long as an application matches the search criteria, it should be considered equally with other applicants.

To help business organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their initiatives, HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the best Recruitment Software Solution Providers in the UK that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 5 Recruitment Software Solution Providers in UK 2020.”

    Top Recruitment Software Solution Companies in UK

  • Specialising in online recruitment solutions, Keystone Employment Group helps organisations across the UK to attract and manage the very best talent. Established during 1950s, the company was working mostly manually, managing a myriad of employees. However, by 2012, Keystone started to automate their processes, in order to manage their temporary staffs more efficiently, which led to the development of this platform called ‘DirectTemping.’ Realising the potential of DirectTemping, over the years, they decided to upgrade it further commercially make it available as a comprehensive customisable cloud-based SaaSoffering—Talent Bank

  • Elevate Direct

    Elevate Direct

    Elevate Direct offers productivity enhancement tool for recruitment across all workforce categories. Elevate’s intelligent software allows organisations to build a dynamic view of all the talent available, internal and external; past, present and future. The company's team of talent specialists and data scientists have spent the past 5 years analysing over 20 million data points to create an intelligent hiring platform, based on neural networks and the latest in machine intelligence. The result is a direct sourcing platform that removes the barriers between hiring managers and candidates, seamlessly working with multiple talent acquisition channels, curated talent pools and direct applicants

  • Engage


    Engage is a neutral software and service supplier to end-hirers, recruitment agencies and payroll companies. With a wealth of experience working with companies from start-ups and scale-ups all the way through to enterprise companies Engage is best-placed to help organizations achieve their new business goals. Engage works closely with its internal teams to formulate the best campaign, the company is completely transparent about its process and tailor its approach to its own unique product or service offering. Engage's unique approach combines its unrivaled data set with knowledgeable team to best position its clients' offering to the end-user market, thus generating new opportunities has never been easier

  • FairHire


    FairHire is a next generation applicant tracking system (ATS) combining blind hiring with intelligent people analytics backed by behavioural science. Using the FairHire platform helps organisations to remove bias through the use of anonymised CVs whilst facilitating the best practice in their end-to-end processes. The platform is designed for large enterprises where security, compliance and global distribution is the standard. With attention to user experience and ability to tackle bias, the impact is not only within the organisation but also to the communities in the value chain. With the ability to process both experienced and graduate level roles, FairHire is positioned as one of the top tier applicant tracking systems in the market and has won awards and plaudits by Global HR Directors and Diversity champions

  • RecruitHub


    RecruitHub provides everything that one needs to start and grow a recruitment business, from initial funding to complete business infrastructure. The company help talented recruiters to start their own companies, supplying the initial capital needed together with a blueprint for business growth. As the only solution to partner directly with market-leading independent software providers, RecruitHub gives new agencies access to a world-class technology stack on the first day of trading, together with the tools to hire, train and scale securely. RecruitHub eliminates the financial pressure of fixed costs in the early months of a business launch, delivering a complete platform and back office solution without a recurring monthly bill