milch & zucker: Multi-pronged Approach to Hiring and Retention

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Ingolf Teetz, CEO, milch & zuckerIngolf Teetz, CEO
Employees form the backbone for every organization; this makes recruiting a vital procedure. With the ever-increasing importance and value pertaining to automated workflows, there is a great demand for modernizing recruitment procedures. Furthermore, companies face challenges when it comes to maintaining equilibrium between digitally streamlining operations while retaining a personal-touch to recruitment. Apart from this, ensuring the security of applicant management systems is challenging as well. milch & zucker, with its suite of software solutions, provides the arena to manage mass recruitment processes as well as carry out individualized communications to ultimately create a pipeline of right candidates for their clients. “We have highly configurable systems so that the process, design, and candidate experience can be adjusted to the customers’ needs,” says Ingolf Teetz, CEO of the company.

Keeping in mind the best interests of its clients and their requirements, milch & zucker’s bellwether offering, the BeeSite suite of solutions provide the best podium for talent acquisition and retention. The suite includes Recruiting Edition, for a comprehensive recruiting process, Talent Relationship Management, Global Job Board, and Job Hub– Multiposting, for channel management and cost control. The company thus provides end-to-end, automated digital recruitment processes. The firm uses pre-filter mechanisms along with cutting-edge matching technology to segregate and shortlist the best candidates. milch & zucker have their in-built cloud infrastructure to assist in managing the recruiting and talent retention processes. The company’s expert team works closely with clients toward providing holistic support and ensures complete attunement of candidates with organizational operations and infrastructure.
With customer-centricity as its core value, the company understands that standardized offerings are not entirely the remedy for clients’ problems; thus, they don’t put all their customers under the same category. As Teetz mentions, milch & zucker reflects on the “red pill, blue pill” approach in delivering solutions; as some clients look for customized recruitment processes while others wish for the standard procedures, with few updates annually.

The company adopts a simple client outlook when it comes to transitioning clients from the pen and paper approach of recruitment to complete digitization. They do this through the consulting branch that helps to acquaint them better with the recruiting procedure followed by its clients and then digitize the entire process. Talent retention for milch & zucker is like a community solution that allows clients to create a talent pipeline that caters to candidates as well as internal talents.

One proof of milch & zucker’s success is its partnering with Lufthansa. The Group had huge volumes of recruits that needed smart filter mechanisms to match the job description. The company provided an end-to-end solution to reduce the time for recruitment. Lufthansa, under its operational canopy shelters about 139 companies who use the same systems. This further poses a challenge for identifying the processes that well-align with all their systems. milch & zucker not only replaced their SAP system, based on the HRM standards but integrated the available data and move ahead to establish the most suitable solution stack for all these firms. With several such client success stories, the company sees itself progressing every year by aligning and catering to the growth of its customers. milch & zucker strives to improve its solutions continually, by making the recruitment realm entirely automated and AI-powered. “We are trying to use AI elements to make the work of the recruiter easier along the process from posting a job to hire someone. Our approach is always to deliver the right answers,” states Teetz, while adding to it, “Since our software has received the award as the Best Applicant Management Software third time in a row, we know that we are on the right track to deliver our highly configurable systems as well as implementing an outstanding design to satisfy both clients and their candidates.”