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Claudia Bolliger-Winkler, Co-founder and CEO, LionstepClaudia Bolliger-Winkler, Co-founder and CEO
Companies in Switzerland invest a lot of time and money to find qualified staff. As the recruitment market is vast, with many specialized agencies for different industries, Claudia Bolliger-Winkler, co-founder and CEO of Lionstep, talks about how her firm is digitizing the recruitment landscape. In an exclusive interview with HR Tech Outlook, she sheds light on how the company mediates domestic talents and those abroad, focusing on marketing, finance, and insurance, software, and management positions.

Tell us about the story behind Lionstep’s inception.

Claudia: Lionstep was founded in 2016 with a firm focus on digitizing the recruiting landscape. After several months of consulting work for large international companies, Lionstep’s core team developed a very talent-centric active-sourcing tool within 2017. A high degree of digitization, the latest data analytics technologies, transparent and straightforward processes combined with global consulting excellence will set new recruiting standards. Currently, Lionstep helps companies identify, seek, and hire new people through a unique combination of artificial intelligence and human interaction. Always committed to creating the best candidate-experience, our experts are responsible for hundreds of new employee-employer relationships. Today, Lionstep has gained a foothold in the Spanish, Swiss, and German markets. Over 600 Companies such as Telefonica, Adidas, Mobiliar, and several Start-Ups and Spin-Offs use our novel platform.They also benefit from our talent pool, which is growing by 12,000 people every month and now includes more than 300,000 candidates.

In light of your experience, could you tell us about your clients’ current recruitment space challenges?

Claudia: As companies worldwide allocate budgets for the year ahead, HR departments are combing through a plethora of solutions to find “the platform” that best meets their organizations’ needs. However, they may encounter pushback while looking for HR management software that’s scalable – as whenever a business is launched, it’s hard to know what direction or form it will take. Every giant corporation started small. Therefore, a technology that cannot adapt to this change won’t help your business. Especially HR departments of small and medium-sized companies face the problem of not having the necessary know-how. We have it, and with the latest technology we can find the best candidates, suitable for the respective company size.

What are the strategies employed by Lionstep to counter these challenges, and how does Lionstep infuse those strategies into its solutions?

Claudia: Thanks to the digitized processes, we can offer our clients an excellent and fast service. Client and candidate facing online-applications ensure full transparency and efficient processes.
We enable clients to scale fast and effectively without any limitations. Lionstep offers one single point of contact for all recruiting needs and integrates seamlessly into existing processes. We adapt to specific strategic needs and optimize your entire recruiting process.

Excellent service doesn’t need to be expensive. We offer our clients a substantial price advantage: Buy upfront Lionstep-credits and use them in our pay-as-you-go model, which allows for full flexibility. We don’t require any on-success fee and are up to ten times more cost-efficient than our competitors. We also collect data on all levels of the recruiting process, providing talent market feedback. Clients are informed about trending candidate requirements and reasons why offerings get rejected. This leads to customized and optimal recruiting strategies.

Tell us about the methodologies and techniques that help you to identify your clients’ specific business requirements.

Claudia: HR roles within companies will change significantly and become increasingly important - this also affects the talent acquisition team, which will be strictly data-driven. Service providers who can analyze data in a granular way will sell it to the companies and thus generate added value beyond matching candidates. As a premier service provider, Lionstep will continue to evolve into Programmatic Advertising Companies and work with similar cost structures. The talent, along with the employee, will be our primary focus. Employer branding and costs for self-marketing in companies will increase in importance. These expenses can be significantly reduced with Data-Driven Talent Acquisition Companies like Lionstep, as our service providers will be highly scalable. Interestingly, candidates’ screening processes will change into more digital, transparent, efficient gamification of aptitude test-based approach.

What approaches or methodologies does Lionstep adopt to identify as the right solution providers from the lot?

Claudia: First of all, Lionstep is no pure software solution. It’s a tech leveraged recruiting solution. Therefore, clients are outsourcing their full-year recruiting to Lionstep at a comparatively lesser cost. Also, to strategic recruiting and consulting support to make high-level strategic decisions, Lionstep ensures a better candidate-job match and sustainable employee-employer relationship. Data-driven candidate-feedback helps gain transparency in the recruiting process and supportive feedback on the client’s current employer brand.

What’s the next big move for Lionstep?

Claudia: We are currently presenting a new outplacement strategy, which is intended to make it easier for outgoing employees to find new employment in just five steps, in the best case before they lose it. Profiteers are employees who do not have to pay severance pay, for example, and employees who escape from the fear of survival. This is a major issue precisely because of the current corona pandemic, in which many people are losing their jobs. In there is a firm financing and growth plan for the next three years. It is not about hiring more employees. The personnel costs must remain under control; but above all, expanding the talent pool and offering services in even more countries remains a primary goal.
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Zurich, CH

Claudia Bolliger-Winkler, Co-founder and CEO

Lionstep’s technology-driven sourcing approach helps companies find qualified and interested candidates globally. Lionstep's cutting-edge technology and Lionstep Recruiters work together to ensure an efficient & transparent service for its clients. Lionstep currently supports over 500 clients with finding qualified candidates globally. By digitizing complex processes, Lionstep enable a price advantage for its clients. Based in Zurich, Switzerland and founded in 2016, Lionstep is growing rapidly, with recruiters based Europe-wide and in Asia