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Henri Nordström, CEO, JobillaHenri Nordström, CEO Oftentimes, the potential of an industry to expand is confined because of limited thinking. It takes an inventive mind to break away from the humdrum of the ongoing processes. Henry Ford, the visionary who transformed the automotive industry, once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” His vision of making automobiles accessible to everyone sparked a trail of innovations that radically changed the automotive sector. Inspired by this revolution, another Henri—Henri Nordström, a maven in the HR sector—has now set out to revolutionise the recruitment software landscape.

As an entrepreneur, when Nordström was expanding his erstwhile company, he was on a quest to hire the best talents of the industry. His traditional approach of recruitment using ad channels got him plenty of applications, but most of them were not eligible for the job. And, the ones who were eligible could not harmonise with the path he had set for his company. Thus, when the conventional methods did not yield the expected results, Nordström went to his peers for suggestions, only to realise that they are experiencing the same hiring challenges as him.

Nordström did not wait for some revolutionary solution to emerge. Instead, he took it upon himself, joined hands with his peers, and set out to solve the problem for the entire HR industry. This led to the inception of Jobilla, a digital recruitment company that assists enterprises of all sizes in hiring the best talent with ease and efficiency. Under Nordström’s able leadership and far-sighted vision, today, Jobilla has went on to become a key player in the recruitment space.

Jobilla enables its clients to shed their inefficient hiring practices and provide them with powerful alternatives based on content-driven marketing.

Jobilla enables its clients to shed their inefficient hiring practices and provide them with powerful alternatives based on content-driven marketing.

The solutions of Jobilla—based on modern digital marketing trends—have garnered exceptional results, enabling clients to get 600 percent more candidates on average. Rightly termed as ‘digital headhunting,’ Jobilla’s recruitment process involves automatically reaching out to the candidates. This process ensures more participation from a potential talent, which in turn facilitates the chances of hiring a more efficient employee for a company. The mobile-friendly bots utilised by Jobilla integrate seamlessly with job ads and career sites, generating multi-selection queries for the job seekers.

By looking at the results, the candidates can determine their fit with a company’s desired position. Jobilla’s software informs both the employer and candidate regarding their compatibility. In this way, the recruiters can identify the most potential candidates and can focus only on those that match their criteria.

Drawing from his industry expertise, Nordström also points out an employer’s need to focus their recruitment strategy towards passive candidates. “Over 75 percent of the best talents lie in the passive candidates’ category—who are already employed—and a recruiter’s dependence on the conventional hiring methods will not yield the expected results in terms of tapping this candidate group,” he says, reiterating the importance of reaching this talent.
To achieve this, Jobilla leverages a digital marketing approach that seamlessly integrates with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This makes it easy for clients to create targeted ads that reach the ideal audience. To further bolster this approach, Jobilla also offers ad campaign production, video production, and career page design services for its clients.

To further illustrate how its digital headhunting solution has helped its clients in the recruitment space, Nordström cites an instance where Jobilla helped one of its clients resolve their onboarding process. The HR manager of Securitas Teemu Leppasalko was leveraging several ad platforms to find the right people for the position of security guards. When the conventional channels could not deliver the results he expected, he turned to Jobilla’s unique digital hiring technique. After executing the recruitment campaigns with Jobilla’s model, the HR manager witnessed the most successful onboarding process in his entire 10-year career. With Jobilla, he was able to find the best talent he would never have found with traditional recruitment approaches.

The above success story is but one of the many instances where the digital recruitment company boosted its client’s hiring process. The journey of Jobilla that began with solving the root recruitment challenges in the HR industry has now culminated into a company paving a new path for its clients to attract and retain the best talents. With offices in Finland, Germany, and the Baltics, Jobilla is fast expanding throughout the European market. The next step for Jobilla is to conquer the American recruitment space. Judging from the pace of its growth, there is no doubt that Jobilla will soon become the most popular destination for HR managers all over the world.
- Aaron Pierce
    April 02, 2020
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Helsinki, Finland

Henri Nordström, CEO

Jobilla utilises its robust recruiting tool to assist companies of all shapes and sizes in hiring digitally with ease and efficiency. The company realises that the majority of talent available in the market is already employed, and depending on the traditional methods of talent search will not yield the expected results. With a solid marketing background, Jobilla enables companies to shed their old and inefficient approaches of hiring and provide them with more powerful digital alternatives based on modern digital advertising and content-driven marketing.