Hire by Google: Now Optimized for Enterprises with Thousands of Employees

By Paul Littlefield, Product Manager, Hire, Google

Paul Littlefield, Product Manager, Hire, Google

Have you ever felt like your software is slowing you down?

We’ve all experienced the challenges of using overly complex software that adds steps to your workflow. But, this clunkiness is increasingly common in enterprise systems. In fact, Capriza research found that 45 percent employees fail to adopt enterprise software due to complicated, poorly designed interfaces. “Complexity is killing enterprise productivity,” notes Yuval Scarlet, CEO and co-founder of Capriza, in their survey report. “The legacy applications that employees rely on aren’t built with them in mind and are making their lives at work more difficult.”

Across Google’s vast suite of consumer products, one of our core principles is to focus on the user, and all else will follow. With Hire by Google, we put the user first to design a recruiting solution that companies up to 5,000 employees would love.

We’re proud to share the success that our early enterprise adopters have found with Hire. For example, Framestore, a visual effects and computer animation studio with nearly 3,000 employees across three continents, has seen a 50 percent uplift in hiring manager engagement since moving to Hire. As Amy Smith, Head of Talent at Framestore, explains, “Hiring managers absolutely love it. For anyone familiar with a Google product, Hire is so familiar, so intuitive, and so easy to use. In fact, we actually didn’t do any training with hiring managers. They just intuitively figured it out and were off running instantly.”

Trimble, a technology company with over 11,000 employees across over 40 countries, made the switch to Hire in mid-2018 and has been very happy with the transition. “Hire is very intuitive. It allows our talent acquisition team to smoothly go from position to position and communicate with hiring managers through the system,” recalls Joe Shilkrot, Talent Acquisition Manager, North America at Trimble.

A smart, seamless solution for growing global companies

From day one, our goal with Hire has been to provide an easy to use recruiting solution that enables smarter, streamlined hiring for teams of all sizes. As we speak to our growing customers, we find the benefits they experience with Hire—better collaboration, engagement, and productivity— became increasingly critical as their businesses scale to be larger and more geographically dispersed.

"With the ability to parse resumes, auto-suggest candidates, schedule interviews with ease, and more, Hire enables our talent acquisition team to increase the number of requisitions"

For distributed teams, communication is key to quickly align on hiring decisions. Companies like Trimble have seen tremendous value from Hire’s collaboration features, like the ability to @mention colleagues, which encourage hiring manager engagement and cross-team communication. “Hiring managers have the ability to easily go in and leave feedback, @mention recruiters, and change their interview teams,” explains Joe. “Hire makes it much easier for hiring managers to get involved in their positions, and it’s enabling us to work better together.”

By working seamlessly with the G Suite products employees already use actively like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Sheets, Hire becomes part of their existing process, instead of an extra step. For recruiters at Framestore, this means that “Hire just fits into my workflow. It’s not like I think ‘oh, I’m in Hire,’ it’s just a seamless part of the tools I am already using,” says Amy.

Machine learning features like candidate discovery, which surfaces previous candidates for new roles, are helping enterprises work faster and more effectively mine their large candidate databases. This translates into massive time savings for companies like Trimble that has seen a large increase in recruiter productivity since switching to Hire. “With the ability to parse resumes, auto-suggest candidates, schedule interviews with ease, and more, Hire enables our talent acquisition team to increase the number of requisitions they’re working on because they can move more quickly through the system,” explains Joe.

Scaling to support companies up to 5,000 employees

To optimize Hire for growing global companies, we enhanced our approval flows with machine learning to automatically suggest approvers for new job requisitions or offers, launched a referral portal to encourage every employee to source top talent, and released a set of interactive reports to empower more informed decision making.

We also expanded our connection to the larger HR technology ecosystem through APIs and pre-built integrations with Namely, Sapling, AppogeeHR, and Zenefits, so customers can easily manage the entire employee lifecycle and improve the experience for new hires. “Our deep integration with Hire by Google helps joint clients streamline the earliest interactions between an employee and their company,” says Graham Younger, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Namely. “By using Google’s robust architecture to instantly create a new employee record in Namely each time an applicant is hired, we’re speeding the onboarding process for HR and creating a better employee experience from the initial interview to the first day on the job.”

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